Saboteur: Deep Cover

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Discover the events leading up to Saboteur II: Avenging Angel in this amazing two-part text adventure from Clive Townsend and Andy Remic!

Only for the ZX Spectrum 128K, featuring neat graphics, lots of exploration, puzzles and combat.

Translated into French, Polish, Spanish, German and Portuguese!

Notice: if you’re from the UK and want the English version, our friends at Cronosoft will release it soon.

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Your last chance.

Gather some intel on the devious Viridis corporation.
Send your information back to base.
Sabotage the security systems to aid your team-mate when they arrive by hang-glider.

Escape or die.

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Story: Clive Townsend and Andy Remic.
Code and Artwork: Clive Townsend.
Sleeve Design: Clive Townsend and Leonardo Bussadori.
German translation: Daniel Roth.
Portuguese translation: Filipe Veiga.
Spanish translation: Vik Zoltar.

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