A Lenda da Gávea

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Considered as the first Brazilian graphic adventure for the ZX Spectrum, it was created with “The Graphic Adventure Creator” and brings beautiful screens combined with the text entirely in Portuguese.

Do you have the courage to discover the secret that hides behind Pedra da Gávea?

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A great milestone in the history of computer games in Brazil, A Lenda da Gávea turned 35 in 2022. From the mind of creative Luiz Fernandes de Moraes, this graphic adventure explores the ancient mysteries of Pedra da Gávea, a mountain in the Tijuca Forest, Rio de Janeiro.

In it there are inscriptions that would have been made millennia ago in the Phoenician language. Watch out! Do you dare to discover the secret that hides behind the face-shaped stone? Was it merely a stone?

Yet another historic Teknamic Software re-release, now with beeper music (by our favorite composer, Pedro Pimenta), and a magnificent and colorful cassette tape (made by Edisco) – everything you’re entitled to!

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Original Story/Art/Code: Luiz Fernandes de Moraes
Additional Code: Filipe Veiga
Music: Pedro Pimenta
Sleeve Design: JRR_arts and Leonardo Bussadori
Beta Tester: Robson Rangel

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