Devwill Too ZX 2.0

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An introspective artificial being, without a known progenitor, sets out in search for the Key of Life

The improved and definitive version of Devwill Too ZX with a box, a manual and a comic book, just as the author Amaweks always imagined.

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“Somewhere in a lost reality, on the shores of a primordial sea, there lies an egg, dormant for aeons. A fissure appears, tearing through its protective shell. Suddenly, the egg bursts with a breath, giving life to a small artificial creature. A Homunculus whose consciousness is flung into the outside world. Alone, it glimpses its reflection in the tranquil waters that witnessed its birth. And it questions the meaning of its individuality… Could there be others like it? Gazing at the horizon, it notices a portal, perhaps erected to address the existential dilemma of this little being. It moves toward it and, after a moment of hesitation, steps into the unknown.”

Devwill Too ZX is Amaweks‘ first creation on the ZX Spectrum, where he experimented with a graphic style that would become his signature in games for this computer. Being the author’s inaugural game for the ZX Spectrum, it had some minor issues, which can now be resolved after creating three more games using MPAGD.

Right from the start, Amaweks aimed to release a deluxe boxed edition, accompanied by a manual and a comic book derived from the game. The author’s collaboration with Teknamic made this aspiration a reality by unveiling the definitive Devwill Too ZX 2.0 edition.

Modifications present in the Devwill Too ZX 2.0 edition include:

  • Refinements to level design
  • Tweaks to background graphic details
  • Introduction of a title screen
  • Addition of an illustration screen upon game completion
  • Player respawn after death now occurs on the side they last entered the screen
  • Keyboard configuration keys have been changed to the classic QAOPM layout, and joystick support has been enhanced.

The manual contains detailed information about the controls, game rules, artefacts, characters, and obstacles. Also, this deluxe edition is enriched with a mini comic book created by Amaweks.

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