About Us

Welcome to Teknamic Software®!

We are an indie software house and independent publisher located in Portugal, founded in 2020 and dedicated to launching new games and re-releases for classic microcomputers, such as the ZX81, ZX Spectrum, MSX, Apple II and others, and also for modern platforms!

Our mission is to encourage the creativity of programmers and promote the production of games in Brazil and Portugal and their publication in Europe. We distribute our games on original media used at the time, such as cassette tapes, floppy disks, cartridges and CD-ROM.

Our Brazilian sister company had the privilege of re-release deluxe editions of several Brazilian classics, such as the fabulous “Treasure Quest” for the ZX 81, and “Amazônia” by pioneer game creator Renato Degiovani.

An old dream of two children in the 80s that came true, today we have the pleasure of transforming ideas into finished products – with dedication and hard work!