Saboteur! Remastered (Tape Only)

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Saboteur! for the ZX Spectrum 48K is returning faster and optimised, with additional graphics and features. It’s a glimpse of what the game could have been like in 1985 had I been equipped with modern development tools!” — Clive Townsend

Another high-quality Teknamic release in a colourful cassette tape!

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Your Mission!

It’s 1987. You are “Iga One,” a skilled mercenary. Tasked to infiltrate a security building disguised as a warehouse, your goal is to steal a floppy disk before its data is sent to outlying stations. Time is tight for the heist and your getaway. Enter by sea on a rubber dinghy and exit via helicopter on the roof. Navigate the warehouse, using the guards’ own weapons to fight against overwhelming odds.

Saboteur! Remastered edition

The remastered version of “Saboteur!” offers a glimpse into what the game might have been in 1985 had Clive had access to modern development tools. The result is a faster game with new graphics and features!

Spot the differences!

Remastered Saboteur!

Original Saboteur!

“This is the Saboteur that I would have made if I’d had a better development system in the 80s. The code has been optimized, making it faster in places, but more importantly, I’ve organised the code and graphics more neatly. This has freed up some memory for extra graphics and features. I hope you like them.”

— Clive Townsend

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