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Help our desperate little hero return to Earth!

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Astronaut Peter S. Pace, aka Starman, was on another mission in deep space when his spaceship suddenly blew up. He escaped from certain death using his jetpac and a force shield, the only things left to help him get home.

In despair, he dares to face the perils ahead in the form of daunting obstacles and threatening aliens. Along the way he’ll need to refill his oxygen and fuel supplies. He might also find other useful items on his journey.

Your mission: help our desperate little hero return to Earth, using your skills to dodge relentless comets and flying saucers, and avoid sarcastic aliens, who will be pleased to challenge your abilities.

You are flying in space, so can only change movement direction – hovering isn’t possible. Reaching the edges of the screen changes direction too. Avoid the screen corners as they will forcibly push towards the centre.

The force shield protects you from front collisions, but using it depletes your supplies. And Starman WILL complain if he feels unsafe without the shield!

In Arcade Mode, you start with 3 lives and any collision will cost a life. You can collect supplies even with the shield active. In Survival Mode, there’s only 1 life, any collision will cost you some supplies, and you can only collect items with the shield off. Supplies are refilled at the end of each sector.


Game design, programming, and art by Paulo and Rafael Silva.
Music by Pedro Pimenta. Format conversion by Mike Cadwallader.
Text font by Damien Guard.
Inlay by JR Rodrigues and Clive Townsend.

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