Jam! with Gypsy Tarot

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Life is not easy when you work in a car park. Someone always parks in a stupid place. Today the man in the red car has got stuck. He’s relying on you to move the other cars until he can get out…

Retro double side-A tape contains Jam!, a puzzle game with more than 40 levels, and the program Gypsy Tarot.


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I originally created this game for mobile phones in 2003. Twenty years later, I thought that Jam! would be a quick and easy game to convert to the Speccy.

The original Jam!

The rules are very simple – move the cars until the red car can escape. But vertical cars can only move up and down, and horizontal ones can only move sideways.

It gets surprisingly complicated when there are lots of cars!

— Clive Townsend

Gypsy Tarot

In 1981 I discovered the ZX81 and started learning to program it in BASIC. One of my first programs was a simple text-based way of shuffling tarot cards and displaying the results.

When I moved to the ZX Spectrum, I updated my code and started drawing monochrome graphics of the cards. But I never finished the project.

In 2002 I made the Gypsy app for mobile phones – a simple ‘magic 8 ball’ program. The title screen was created by my friend and colleague Anatole, based on his girlfriend Sarah.

So this program is a combination of an old photo and some VERY old Speccy graphics. It shuffles the cards for you and lists their descriptions, but you’ll need to interpret the results yourself…

— Clive Townsend

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