Jump/Error – Audio CD by Pedro Pimenta

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Discover the talent of composer Pedro Pimenta in an exclusive and must-have collection of original soundtracks for Spectrum games and other retro platforms!

***Pre-order now! Shipments start from September 25th.***

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***Pre-order now! Shipments start from September 25th.***

Pedro has been creating game music since 2018 and has contributed to over 40 projects. He’s been a part of Bit/Teknamic from the beginning, working as the main musician for most of our titles.

We are honoured to present his debut album ‘Jump/Error.’ This collection features 29 original tracks from games created for ZX Spectrum and other vintage computers.

The CD also has multimedia content, which includes a ZX Spectrum jukebox program. This lets you experience Pedro Pimenta’s compositions through emulation or real hardware.

Additionally, the album showcases an exclusive illustration by artist Joana Afonso, bringing to life scenes from games featuring Pedro’s composed music.

Whether you’re a retro gaming fan, a music enthusiast, or curious about the fusion of music and games, ‘Jump/Error’ is a must-have!

***Pre-order now! Shipments start from September 25th.***

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  1. Mr. Hair and the Kitty Katakombs
  2. Beethoven’s Revenge
  3. Alien Slaphead
  4. Project Vaelius
  5. Spectrum Show
  6. SuperHair
  7. Xenoblast
  8. Jewels
  9. Museum LoadZX Theme
  10. Metamorphosis
  11. Frantic Pengo
  12. Gold Disk Theme – Clube MSX
  13. Pi-Dentity
  14. Mr. Hair and the Fly – Mr. Hair Theme
  15. Mr. Hair and the Fly – Fly Theme
  16. Amazônia Beeper Theme
  17. Rat-a-Tat
  18. Em Busca dos Tesouros
  19. Jogos 80 em Cadê os Artigos?
  20. Cheesy Chase: Moritz and the Mildewed Moon
  21. Joe Blob
  22. The Hair-Raising Adventures of Mr. Hair
  23. Moritz Strikes Back Beeper Theme
  24. Mike the Guitar Shooter Beeper Theme
  25. Slime Race
  26. Restless André
  27. Droid Buster
  28. Varina
  29. A Lenda da Gávea


All tracks produced by Pedro Pimenta
Art by Joana Afonso
Design by Leonardo Bussadori
Multimedia content by Filipe Veiga
Production by Filipe Veiga and Marcus Garrett