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Zoinho in the Garden of Fools (Deluxe Edition)

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Zoinho, a chubby and friendly cyclops, got lost in the Garden of Fools. Shall we escape this garden together?

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Zoinho is a mythical character, a somewhat atypical Cyclops, a little chubby and friendly. However, due to various circumstances, it got lost in the Garden of Fools. And no one wants to get lost in this garden, not very relaxing and a bit macabre, where dangers are constant. In this garden, nature is almost never your friend and the supernatural is present at all times!


This is a new adventure in Isometric 3D, created by Brazilian Ricardo Nunes, for the ZX Spectrum 48K. Full of mysteries and fantastic characters, the game is a great challenge for lovers of Knight Lore and Nightshade.

Another high quality Teknamic Software release, in a large box with an illustrated booklet, and a fantastic cassette tape (made by Edisco), which contains the English, Portuguese and Spanish versions of the game.

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English, Portuguese, Spanish


Original Story/Art/Code/Music: Ricardo Calaça Nunes
Loading Screen: Andy Green
Sleeve Design: Leonardo Bussadori and JRR_arts
Text Revision: Filipe Veiga, Clive Townsend, Javi Ortiz Carrasco
Beta Testers: Robson Rangel and André Luna Leão

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