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Ghostly Capers

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Super Hero Steve is your host for the much anticipated Retro Convention, but mischievous ghouls haunt the venue. They have hidden all the retro gear! Dodge their traps, find all the hidden items and retrieve the gate key before everyone arrives!

Sold out!

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Super Hero Steve is your host for the much anticipated Retro Convention, full of exciting computers, consoles and arcade machines. A fantastic day is expected to be enjoyed by all, but there’s one tiny problem… mischievous and pesky ghouls haunt the venue!

They are not pleased about having their home invaded and are determined to put a stop to the fun. They have snatched and thrown away the key. The success of the event is up to you now. Dodge the ghosts’ devilish traps, find all the hidden items, retrieve the gate key and open everything up before everyone arrives. The clock is ticking!

Teknamic is pleased to partner with Micro Chops to release Ghostly Capers, a fun platform game created by Lee Chops Stevenson, featuring Pedro Pimenta‘s music, Andy Green‘s loading screen, and Júlia Veiga‘s artwork.

You’ll get a beautiful tape with two game versions. On side A, you have the normal ZX Spectrum version.

Original ULA version.

On side B, you have the ULAplus version of Ghostly Capers. Those who own the Next, ZXHD or other machines supporting the extra ULAplus palette can experience these fantastic, otherwise impossible colours.

ULAplus version.

The game is Kempston and Sinclair joystick-compatible.

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Game: Lee Chops Stevenson
Music: Pedro Pimenta
Loading Screen: Andy Green
Cover Art: Júlia Veiga
Sleeve Design: Leonardo Bussadori

*Ghostly Capers was first released exclusively for RetCon 20223 event with cover art by Richard Langford.