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MSX SD Mapper & Megaram 512Kb

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SD Mapper & Megaram 512Kb Expansion interface

Expand your MSX up 512Kbytes and use a SD card as Hard Disk up to 8Gb!!

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A new SD card reader and expansion Interface for your MSX! Fully compatible with all MSX models*, including MSX1, MSX2, MSX2+, Turbo R, and One Chip!

The interface is the original project from Belavenuto and Sturaro assembled by Fractal2000 and is the latest hardware version for full compatibility! There are 2x slots for SD cards that support 4Gb each totalizing up to 8Gb! Better than an IDE!

Mapper mode: Add 512Kb of Memory Mapper to your MSX, enabling you to run the Nextor DOS2 even on an MSX1. On Nextor DOS2 there are many other new commands and works with subdirectories to navigate on the SD card as a Hard Disk in FAT16 format, so is possible to easily exchange files with a PC.

Megaram mode: In this mode selectable by a switch, the 512Kb will be a Megaram that allows running MegaROM games like the Nemesis series using the proper loader. Megaram is a creation by Ademir Carchano in 1987.

SD Card for FREE: a bootable SD CARD for fun will be included for FREE!!

The PCB is a high-quality product with GOLD-plated edge contacts.

*South Korean users, please attention: by testing this interface didn’t work properly at the new Zemmix mini and the original Korean Daewoo CPC-300E, since is not possible to disable the internal computer extra ROM. At Arabic Bawareth CPC-300 worked fine.

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