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On April 23, 2022 we celebrate the 40th anniversary of the ZX Spectrum launch!

The LOAD ZX Spectrum Museum, the only museum in the world dedicated to this computer, is preparing the international event “40 YEARS OF ZX SPECTRUM” to take place on the 23rd and 24th of April, in Cantanhede.

International speakers will be present to honor this special date. Teknamic Software will also participate through its founders Filipe Veiga and Marcus Garrett, in a session moderated by André Luna Leão from Planeta Sinclair.

Visitors will have the opportunity to chat with the founders during the two-day event. You will also be able to pick up itens purchased in our online store until the 21st of April. To do so, simply choose this option, now available at checkout.

And finally, as the 40th anniversary of our ZX Spectrum is only celebrated once, we are announcing on-line exclusive discounts on several items, until the 30th of April.

More information about the “ZX SPECTRUM 40TH ANNIVERSARY” celebration at this link:

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Our online store is officially open!

Teknamic Software® is an indie software house and independent publisher located in Portugal, dedicated to launching new games, as well as re-releases, for classic microcomputers! We want to encourage the creativity of programmers and promote the production of games both in Brazil and Portugal. We have already released several games through our company sister in Brazil. Now is the time to show our games in europe!

Teknamic Software